What are you down for? 

The finer things in life

Which can be tons of things right

Let me sell you my dreams
Things that last forever 

like memories 

That could be one of those

temporary forevers 
 I know how to make a connection 

Deeper than we can make your ocean flow

I wanna make you forget the world around you

Something spiritual 
I can go crazy too

End up calling it a taboo 

We know what we know 

And the world doesn’t know 

Or maybe watch a movie 

That’s perfect to have with wine 

And talk when we need to 

Also appreciate the sound of silence 

I wouldn’t want the club life again 

But take you dancing all night I will

And drink the night away 

To end up passing out at my place 



Being of this personality type I have no idea how often my logic fights with my intuition over everything I do. Most specially when it comes to topics that include feelings and relationships…  

It’s true what they said that I am the type to yearn for love, and as soon as I get it then I won’t know how to react to it, say about it or respond in an affectionate manner. Having being involved with more complex characters, I find myself totally capable of falling in love and permanently self destruct… What a messed up way to experience a glimpse of happiness 

As I let  tension grow between us, my only hope is that someday  we get back together like a Chinese finger trap. Maybe then I’ll be mature enough to do what needs to be done to win back the feeling I never kept. 

Today’s battle is having to deal with how delusional I can be, under the influence of substances it tends to be worse. Anyway the beautiful things to every encounter I have lay in my head, might not be accurate but I feel I can make any fantasy I real thing! It only lasts so long, so I mingle with it like we don’t have forever.  Because there is no such thing

Flight or fright 

He knows much of the feeling now

And still acts like a kid everytime 

As soon as love knocks on the door

There he goes crawling on the floor

It’s scary everytime 

Having to risk being hurt

The adrenaline is twice as addictive 

That’s chemistry igniting in the eyes

Like a cat, I might bite

The first time up till I trust you 

Pain and pleasure are always summed 

Jump for opportunities as quick as conclusion 


Taken in without a choice 

Hearing every noise I make 

Then groom me to be a man

A real one is what I aspire to be
Being your first seed

Trusting me to broaden our family tree

Not spreading worms among your fine fruit 

I don’t wanna fall far from this tree
Back when it was just you and me 

You fulfilled my every need

And a needy child I was 

Simply because you are all I had 
In steps Junior on our small family tree

Reaching every branch 

To see if he could swing 

From one heart to the next 
Who thought we would have chocolate 

Right in front of us- laid girl as sweet

Choki Choki became her alias 

She’s never turned bad since 
So I’d love to thank mama lion 

For forming a beautiful thing 

Gladly my heart sings 

I wouldn’t ask for anything quite like this 

same old mistake 

Time and time again 

You find yourself chasing 

After these beings that try hard to-

Be something just like you
Beauty is in the reflection 

Yet you know this can be a downfall 

They won’t only get your mind tipsy

The plan is to intoxicate your soul 
Look twice before you cross me

I’ll think twice before I trust you

Becoming conscious of my subconscious 

The only thing worth chasing is my being 
Right in the centre of my core

Rests a dream of this lifetime 

What’s scary is not knowing that dream 

But knowing I’m highly capable of archiving it
So goodbye ones that don’t stay

Something else can fill that inner space 

It’s written in this poetry 

Now it’s for my world to see


As for his upbringing 

To the angel always singing

Sadly she left too soon

Leaving a massive mess in his hearts room

Mother never to be seen

Father was a rolling stone

Leaving someone all alone

Can’t even call that a broken home

He hates the thought of his past

Only dreams of a perfect future

Often forgets to live in the moment 

A dreamer – sleepwalking

He can’t even grasp a dream now

Try Again 

Being the person who never learned from lessons

Especially the first few times

It’s all a result of my inability to listen

Can’t forget to mention I’m never guided
So I never know when to give up

Rejection now feels like sweet say

Thousands fear the feeling

 I can’t let that make my wishes go astray 
Expect me to piss you off

Before I make you happy

Expect me to make you feel hurt

Before I can speak your language of love
My only excuse is that I’m young

And I only get so many chances in life

I can mess up the first impression

Yet only hope to fix that perception 

Fine wine 

Picked from nature’s finest 

Left to age with time

Reincarnation of Jesus blood

How I love my dry red wine 
Away from sober

Feeling almost tipsy 

My body getting buzzed up

Senses more vulnerable 
Seeing triple,  maybe even double 

Anyone on sight

Is in for more than just trouble 

Fine I am, with the fine effects of wine 
Released without a title 

Unmastered perfected brewery 

Unbelievable dry red wine

You do it for me everytime 

From the go

I knew you are trouble 

From the moment I saw you 

Making up excuses for what is

Yet still doing the same old things 
None the less that’s what built the attraction 

The thrill of meeting clicking with a rebel

Never did I want to change that 

So we settled for just being friends 
But you more than like me

And I’ve been feeling you for the longest 

Then we escaped reality for a moment 

And got lost in each others eyes 
This was the beginning of the end

Unless there’s something else to come

But we not the type to settle 

So how long is this feeling going to last? 

My rhythm 

Feeling nature’s inspiration 

As I tune you into the moment 

I love to rest you on my lap

And whisper sweet nothings 
Pulling the right strings 

To hear your every tune

I can hear the world respond 

As I’m singing to the moon 
Ironic because you a blue guitar 

And we only just met

I love to strum for fun

You are my favourite tool 
Music is life to me

That one thing that fills my soul

Connects me with the universe 

It feels better connecting myself