Man in the mirror 

Time and time again we find ourselves looking to understand those dear to us. Some cases end up as a disaster,  some know and trust in themselves (which makes relationships easier). 

I think life’s ultimate mission is finding what makes your soul feel at ease doing and simultaneously impacts the world positively.  

Without understanding of self,  I found myself following lost souls, or rather people on a different life path than mine. Which was just another setback in life, with a great lesson I must admit! 

I urge you, for personal growth purpose,  to find what your personal soul purpose is. Let’s nourish our lives with enlightenment.  

What it took for me to be more self aware is losing myself in the worldly dimension, my survival mechanism through the darkest moments is channeling all the energy into Creative arts like poetry, music and sometimes singing (so horrible by the way).  

And Meditation is key, I got to realise recently that prayer isn’t all talk but Listening. Yes we have to declare and manifest, but God speaks through our intuition.  Only way to connect to that on a deeper level is no brain teaser,  you know it,  meditation!  

All the best leading your best life and being the best version of yourself now and forever More!  


Watching Dreamworks movies like Transformers rise of the fallen made me realise how imaginative we have to be. 

That one place we see robots cry filter water, smell negativity and flatulate parachutes! 

So emotional and entertaining… 


Everyone has a way of dealing with their troubles. Mine seems to be reading and writing! 

I’m aware of the negative energy I possess, for me that is raw emotion I can spread on paper. 

And apparently I still lack empathy / sensitive emotion in my content,  so says my editor…  

Anyone willing to help me improve my writing when it comes to writing about sensitive topic like depression? 

I’ll really appreciate any kind of help. 

Otherwise have a great day. Be blessed!