Taken in without a choice 

Hearing every noise I make 

Then groom me to be a man

A real one is what I aspire to be
Being your first seed

Trusting me to broaden our family tree

Not spreading worms among your fine fruit 

I don’t wanna fall far from this tree
Back when it was just you and me 

You fulfilled my every need

And a needy child I was 

Simply because you are all I had 
In steps Junior on our small family tree

Reaching every branch 

To see if he could swing 

From one heart to the next 
Who thought we would have chocolate 

Right in front of us- laid girl as sweet

Choki Choki became her alias 

She’s never turned bad since 
So I’d love to thank mama lion 

For forming a beautiful thing 

Gladly my heart sings 

I wouldn’t ask for anything quite like this 


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