Thinking out loud

My thoughts getting wilder 

As appreciation grows fonder 

For all the finest of your features 

Now I just realised 

I’m equally obsessed 

With your imperfections 

A mind more dangerous than the devil’s advocate 

Lips that lie faster than flies 

Teeth as crippled as vampires 

If I am what I attract

How did I end up with you

Maybe the saying is true

Because everyone has a dark side too

Sarcasm level so intricate 

Yet the world misinterprits the whole message 

As for your lips, lies never tasted sweeter

You not the type to be moaning deeper

You know you know all of me

It’s on your face every moment 

Toes curling 

As I move to your lower haven

Tongues lie to slip inside

I didn’t have to say I love you

This circular motion will show it

Feel this in your core

I was born to ignite you


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