Inspecting on my body 

With a gentle caress

From head to toe 

And there’s just one thing to know 

Anyone can do that 

It’s pleasing to my flesh 

But what good is that 

If you haven’t got my respect 

So don’t lie to my eyes 

And say you want better 

When matter of fact is

You know I don’t matter 

So take your time little fly 

And bite between the thighs 

Use me like all the others

You freaking mosquito 


Alter Ego

As much as we let our egos drive us

To either sadness or insanity 

I love that at any given moment

I can change my mind, and be what I need to be

With the voices in my head saying don’t do it

And that gut kicking inside saying here we go again 

Heart preparing itself with armour 

I take my leap of faith into happiness 

To find that lost love

Ignite that dying dream

Steer my passions once more

And feel the joy of simply trying 

A man with nothing to lose

And everything to gain

Watch out world 

I have mastered bouncing back

Late night

When the world prepares to sleep 

That’s when I’m just getting started 

Then I know you down to ride 

So I’ll never surf the night alone 

Some may call it the devil’s hour 

It’s the time we most creative 

That’s as real as a conversation gets

3am is meant for the dreamers 

Gaze into his eyes

Understand his soul 

Then eventually fall for his dream 

Listen to her every word

As she’s vulnerable now

To understand 

Like never more

This is how to savour the moment 

Spend time to explore what lays within 

Nothing more 


Many of us love to gaze at the sky and get inspiration to do what our soul desires, only but a few take action. Don’t be the one to wait for that dying star to tell you it’s time to get going!


As soon as beauty is known by the world as beautiful, it becomes ugly.
As soon as virtue is being known as something good, it becomes evil.
Therefore being and non-being give birth to each other.
Difficult and easy accomplish each other.
Long and short form each other.
High and low distinguish each other.
Sound and tone harmonize each other
Before and after follow each other as a sequence.
Realizing this, the saint performs effortlessly according to the natural Way without personal
desire, and practices the wordless teaching thru one’s deeds.
The saint inspires the vitality of all lives, without holding back.
He nurtures all beings with no wish to take possession of.
He devotes all his energy but has no intention to hold on to the merit.
When success is achieved, he seeks no recognition.
Because he does not claim for the credit, hence shall not lose it.

This is one of my favorite chapters in the Tao Te Ching . Hit the link and enjoy your copy of a life changing read that can be applied to your own state of mind in life.


The moment you look at yourself straight in the eye, and tell yourself you are as every bit worth that one thing you desire. It is yours for the taking!  

The lesson 

The thing about life is you chase after what you don’t have continuously… When you love and accept who and what defines you, you appreciate a whole lot of the little things once overlooked 


The biggest tragedy in falling in love is- falling for the person not worth your time. And being okay with it from the start 

That kind of girl 

This is about that kind of girl nobody ever writes about. Because she is definitely low key fucked up, and there’s some beauty behind that madness. 

On a regular day you find yourself day dreaming, then walks in this beauty that you haven’t noticed before in the work space. Moving with ease and confidence,  she picks  a seat closest to the door so her mind can wander away as her feet rest in the same spot. 

Charming as they come and manipulative as a con. Now only you notice the CONfidence: Seductive,  witty and a spice of mystery is what they are. You just get lost in your mind trying to understand what’s up with this person.  

As for giving mixed signals, the message you get is every girl just wants to be loved and cared for. The initial thoughts that matter in their head is – let’s do what we in this room for and forget it ever  happened. 

Sweat the night away and no kind of connection is there. Maybe in the head, that is most likely from the head she gives.  But not close to satisfying what the soul yearns for. 

It seems they think more than they feel, and feel when they are supposed to be thinking. I know it sounds complex but it is what it is.

In most of my experience with this kind of women,  I initially get framed as the a-hole.  And that’s what I keep attracting. Is the world really that messed up for this generation,  or maybe I’m just searching for the wrong places. To end up in this temporary forevers. 

Too broken to trust, too tired to try. All hope for decent people lays inly in the stories they read from novels. Good luck living up to that..

You can’t trust a mystery,  that’s what we should have learned from horror films!